November 15, 2018

Register of Deeds

209 E Main St, Suite 210 ,Elk Point, SD, 57025
Phone: (605) 356-2191
Fax: (605) 356-3047
Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8:30am – 5:00pm
Our records are not on line but call our office and we will be glad to help you.
Register of Deeds:
Jana Foltz: [email protected]
Deputy Register of Deeds
Colleen Mead: [email protected]
Register of Deeds Clerk
Drew Gunderson: [email protected]
CREDIT CARDS: We are now accepting credit cards for recordings, transfer tax, copies and vital records.
E-RECORDINGS: We are now doing e-recordings through both Simplifile and CSC. We will accept Deeds, Bond for Deeds,Mortgages, Satisfactions, Misc Documents, Lis Pendens.
Union Counties procedures for E-recording:
1. Electronic recordings will be received between the hours of 8:30AM and 3:30PM Central Time. E-Packages may be submitted at any time, however they will not be recorded outside of posted hours.
2. Payment of recording fees must be made via ACH by the Delivery Agent.
3. Only Electronic models 2 and 3 will be accepted(visit for additional info)
4. Documents must be original and scanned in black and white with a minimum of 300 dpi.
5. Electronic Documents must adhere to all South Dakota Statues.
6. No more than one satisfaction/assignment may be listed on the document.
7. Images must be sent in TIFF or PDF.
8. Documents will be rejected if not legible.
9. Union Counties electronic recording providers are Simplifile and CSC.
10. There are no additional fees charged by this county for e-recording; however, a submission fee will be charged by the submitter vendor.
11. All Deed types require a South Dakota Certificate of Value to be filed with them. A form can be obtained through the Department of Revenue or by contacting our office.
12. Currently the Register of Deeds office are accepting all Documents for E-recording.
Documents must adhere to SD recording laws: Laws/default.aspx
Submitters must follow SD Electronic Recording Standards:
Land Records
Union County land records are from 1864 to present.
Vital Records
Birth and Death Records are from 1905 to present. Births are all on statewide computer which means that you can get a birth record from any courthouse in the State of SD. Deaths are statewide from 1960 to present. Marriages are statewide from 1950 to present,but you can purchase Marriages in our county from 1866 to present and Deaths from 1905 to present.
Cost to Purchase Vital Records
The cost to purchase certified legal copies of the above vital records are $15 for each copy. A government issued ID is also requested. For your convenience you can process online requests through an independent company called Vital Check. An additional fee is charged by Vital Check for this service. Link to then select SD or you may just call our office and we will help you.MARRIAGE LICENSES cost $40 cash or Credit Card and are good for 20 days from the date of issuance. Both bride and groom need government issued ID’s. They can only be used in the State of SD to get married.
We record all documents that pertain to real estate such as (PLATS,DEEDS,MTGS,BILLS OF SALES,LIS PENDENS) and all other documents authorized by law to record. Certificate of value forms need to be attached to each and every deed recorded. We can email you a certificate of value form if you request.
Cost to Record (These fees go into effect July 1, 2012)
The fee to record Deeds, Contracts,Mortgages,Easements,Satisfaction Lis Pendens,Bill of Sales, Mechanics Liens,Leases is $30 per document for the 1st 50 pages then $2.00 a page after 50 pages. We require  document standards in South Dakota, SD guidelines format (see below)  Transfer Tax fee is $1.00 per thousand dollars and .50 per $500 on all sales.
Document Standards
There must be a 3 inch margin at the top of the 1st page of recording. All remaining sides of all pages need a 1 inch margin. The prepared by info needs to be in the upper left side of the 3 inch margin. White paper needs to be used. No type less than 10 point.
Cost for Copies
To purchase a copy of any recorded document the fee is $1.00 per page. Copies of Maps or computer print offs are $1.00 a page. We do not charge for E-Mailing but faxing is $1.00 per page.
Certified Copies
Cost for these are $5.00 for the first page and $1.00 each additional page.
UCC’S & FICT Names
These should be FILED at the Secretary of States office in Pierre, SD. However they can be recorded in the Register of Dees office. The cost for Fict Names is $10 and they are only in effect for a period of 5 years. The cost for UCC’s is $25 plus $3 each debtor name and $5 for any attachments. Also a UCC search is $20. If recorded the same fees apply as for all recorded documents
Other Filings
We also file:
  1. State and Federal Tax Liens and Releases
  2. Mechanics Liens
  3. Military Discharges
  4. County Indigent Liens
  5. Sherriffs Levys
  6. Burials
  7. Farm Leases
  8. Corner Records
  9. Bill of Sales