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Job Opening

This Page Was Last Updated:  September 15, 2022

The Union County State’s Attorney’s Office is excepting applications by law students for an Externship or a Volunteer opportunities.

Applications may be submitted to:  

UNION COUNTY Deputy State’s Attorney

SALARY:  Commensurate with Experience

Opening Date:  9/15/22                     Closing Date:    10/03/22


The Union County State’s Attorney’s Office seeks applicants for the position of Deputy State’s Attorney to perform professional legal work on behalf of Union County and county departments in civil and criminal court, and administrative proceedings.  The Union County State’s Attorney’s Office has a high case volume for each attorney position.  Responsibilities shall include providing legal advice and representation to county officials and staff, working with law enforcement, as well as members of the community in the preparation of criminal cases, legal research and writing, motion preparation, litigating cases in court, and assisting with drafting, filing and presenting proposed legislation.


Prosecute violations of state law including felony, misdemeanor, juvenile violations, and juvenile abuse and neglect cases.  Review police reports and evidence to make determination on charges and prepare subpoenas for witnesses.  Make recommendations for child placement and supervision terms in juvenile cases.  Perform legal research, prepare and file legal documents and correspondence.  Draft proposed legislation and appear before legislative committees.  Prepare press releases and communicate with the media.  Give direction to support staff, provide educational instruction to interns, externs, volunteers, law enforcement, and social workers.  Other duties as assigned.


Law degree from an ABA-accredited school of law, and eligible for admission by the Supreme Court of South Dakota to practice law in the state of South Dakota.  Successful applicant must have working knowledge of civil and criminal law, methods of and practices of pleadings; court procedures and rules of evidence; principles, methods, materials and practices utilized in legal research; general law and established precedent; and the ability to prosecute cases.  Must have strong oral and written communication skills, especially in the area of preparation and presentation of legal matters; ability to work with minimal direction, as well as the ability to work as part of a team; and the ability to organize and prioritize.  Applicant must maintain a professional appearance and demeanor at work and in court.  A successful applicant must maintain professionalism in all forms of communication towards this office as well as with other attorneys, officials, other professionals, and the public.


Strong oral argument skills, experience in complex criminal issues, jury trial experience, and experience with complex civil/government litigation issues.  Preference will be given to applicants with a working knowledge and experience with  Karpel and / or the administration of this office.



Application materials must be received by the closing date. Applications may be submitted by:

Email to: [email protected]   Subject line: APPLICATION

OR mailed to:


Union County State’s Attorney

209 East Main Street ~ Suite 140

Elk Point, SD 57025


Submit resume, cover letter addressing required qualifications, complete contact information for at least 3 professional references, and provide a writing sample not to exceed 5 pages relating to a criminal or governmental issue (i.e. Resistance to a Defense’s Motion to Suppress; Motion to Suppress (with supporting authorities); Miranda Issues; Consent Issues; Planning and Zoning Issues; and Governmental Taking Issues, just to name a few).



Volunteer Opportunities:

The State’s Attorney’s Office is open to assisting law students to gain valuable experience.  Therefore, this office will accept applications from law students who wish to volunteer their time at this office.  An applicant for this type of career building experience will typically dedicate the summer to the position.

Email: [email protected]  Subject line: Volunteer


Educational Opportunities:

This office also participates in the summer-extern program for students who are finishing their second year of law school.  A legal externship allows a student access to practicing attorneys with an opportunity to watch, learn, and participate in the legal issues that the State’s Attorney’s office is involved with currently.  This opportunity requires a law student to enroll in a six (6) credit course and work and learn full time for approximately three months.  Interested law students should seek out this program at their law school.

  • The University of South Dakota – School of Law,  Externship Program is currently being managed by
  • University of South Dakota School of Law
  • This office would also participate in a like program from other law schools.

Email: [email protected]  Subject line: Extern