February 25, 2024

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Chairman- Milton Ustad*

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Mike Dailey*
Duane Diez
Randy Ronning
Bob Ballard
Richard Green

* Denotes County Commissioner

Stop Noxious Weeds!

Over 4 million acres are infested in South Dakota.  Statewide losses from noxious weeds exceed $140 million annually.  The acreage and cost will continue to increase unless those responsible take action to control and eradicate noxious weed on the land.  Your County Weed Board is responsible for controlling the noxious weeds in the county.

Some of the noxious weeds are:

Canada Thistle
Spotted Knapweed
Leafy Spurge
Diffuse Knapweed
Perennial Sowthistle
Musk Thistle
Hoary Cress
Plumeless Thistle
Purple Loosestrife
Bull Thistle
Field Bindweed
Russian Knapweed
Yellow Toadflax

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