November 30, 2023

Clerk of Courts

209 East Main Street, Suite 230
Elk Point, SD, 57025
Phone: (605) 356-2132
Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8 am – 5 pm

Clerk of Courts:
Melissa Larsen, Clerk Magistrate
Laurie Buum, Deputy Magistrate
Shannon Steckelberg, Deputy Magistrate
Laura Meyer, Deputy
Court Files
Court files are not available on-line except for money judgments.
For more detailed information about the courts please go to the Unified Judicial Systems website at at this site you will be able to access forms for:
  • Domestic and Stalking Protection Orders
  • Civil Filing Statements
  • Record Search Request Forms
  • Pro Se Divorce Forms
  • Confidential Information Forms
  • Confidential Financial Docmuents Information Forms

Order Forms
Domestic and Stalking Protection Order Forms are also available to fill out on-line Click Here, however you will still need to bring the application to the Clerk of Courts office to be notarized and filed.