April 23, 2024

State’s Attorney

State’s Attorney:  Jerry A. Miller    [email protected]

Chief Deputy State’s Attorney: Kathy Zenner  [email protected] 

Deputy State’s Attorney:  Aaron J. Bates  [email protected]

Office Manager / Legal Assistant: Tina Knudson  [email protected]

Legal Assistant:   Alesha Voeltz    [email protected]

*Part-Legal Assistant: David Steckelberg  [email protected]

     * Victim Services *Court Order Compliance & * Union County Welfare Case Manager

209 East Main Street, Suite 140
Elk Point, SD, 57025

Phone: (605) 356-2666
Fax: (605) 761-0199

Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8:30am – 5:00pm
Calling ahead for appointments work best for the attorneys in the office.

The Office is closed on all holidays and when the Court House is closed.

Last updated: April 21, 2021

Purpose   & Mission

Meet your State’s Attorney’s Office

Jerry Miller,  State’s Attorney

Kathy Zenner, Chief Deputy State’s Attorney

Aaron J. Bates (AJ), Deputy State’s Attorney  

Volunteer, Part-Time Deputy State’s Attorney (Position Open)

Tina Knudson, Office Manager / Legal Assistant

Alesha Voeltz, Legal Assistant

David Steckelberg,  Legal Assistant / Victim Services / Court Order Compliance / Union County Welfare Director (Part-Time Position)

South Dakota Codified Laws (On Line) 

Domestic Violence

Juvenile   Court / Process

South Dakota Supreme Court Opinions 

Press Releases

This office reserves the right to remove any or all Press Releases at any time.  This office plans on removing all Press Releases in the month of December 2021.

  (Last Updated 06/24/2021)

Union County Ordinances – Page 1

Union County OrdinancesPage 2


South Dakota States Attorneys Association

Victim’s Rights

Victim Information – Violent Crime

Victim Information – Property Crime

Marsy’s Rights (Card – effective July 1, 2018)

Job Openings

Open until filled: Volunteer Deputy State’s Attorney

Law students who are seeking experience should contact State’s Attorney Jerry Miller to inquire about summer externship and/or an unpaid volunteer internship.


Misdemeanor Standard Sentences

   This office receives many calls inquiring as to what a person may expect when they enter a guilty plea to a misdemeanor offense in magistrate court.   While every case is different and there will always be some example of the court deviating higher or lower than what is indicated on the link provided, the attached list is what this office has identified as a standard sentence handed down by the Judge Bern on a consistent basis. There is no guarantee that the State (State’s Attorney’s Office) will request or recommend the standard, nor is there any guarantee that the Court will follow this in your individual case.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Red Light & Speed Camera tickets, and

– Speeding Tickets

Union County Active Warrant List

Consealed Pistol Permit Laws (Summary) 

The Chamber –   Check Policy


Resource Page

 – Sheriff’s Office;

 – Police Departments; and/or

 – County Coroner

– Emergency Mental Illness (Aug 22, 2016)

Marsy’s Rights (Card – effective July 1, 2018)