February 25, 2018

Job Opening

This Page Was Last Updated:  January 1, 2018

UNION COUNTY Deputy State’s Attorney

The Union County State’s Attorney’s Office has no openings at this time.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The State’s Attorney’s Office is open to assisting law students to gain valuable experience.  Therefore, this office will accept applications from law students who wish to volunteer their time at this office.  An applicant for this type of career building experience will typically dedicate the summer to the position.

Educational Opportunities:

This office also participates in the summer-extern program for students who are finishing their second year of law school.  A legal externship allows a student access to practicing attorneys with an opportunity to watch, learn, and participate in the legal issues that the State’s Attorney’s office is involved with currently.  This opportunity requires a law student to enroll in a six (6) credit course and work and learn full time for approximately three months.  Interested law students should seek out this program at their law school.

  • The University of South Dakota – School of Law,  Externship Program is currently being managed by
  • University of South Dakota School of Law
  • This office would also participate in a like program from other law schools.