March 19, 2019

Highway Department

Annual Load Restrictions


On March 18, 2019 Load Restrictions will be placed on all asphalt surfaced

highways, as well as #1G, #14 & #27, with the exceptions of UC#1B,

from Jefferson southeast to Exit 4 at I29 – limit 7 tons per axle.


The following roads or portions of them have water over the road and are closed.

There are numerous areas of flooded roads… please be cautious.

(Please remember, for your safety… it is against the law to move or drive around barricades!)

Union County Highway System

CR#03 (482 Avenue – 312 Street south to State 48 (313 Street)

CR#04 (River Road) – Slide Area, CR#13 (302 Street) south to CR#14 (304 Street)

  • Lower Part between 311 and 312 Streets

CR#12 (299 Street) – 485 Avenue to 486 Avenue

CR#13 (302 Street) – State 11 (479 Street) east to the Iowa State Line, west of Hawarden

CR#19 – State 11 (476 Avenue) east the 477 Avenue, then north to State 50 (319 Street)

CR#25 – Open with a 7 ton per axle weight restriction

Richland Township

Groethe Road – (entire) State 50 (between 318 & 319 Streets) east then south to State 50 (319 Street)


Henke Road – (entire) CR#17 (315 Street) south to State 50 (319 Street)

Holden Road (320 Street) – State 11 (476 Avenue) east to CR#19 (477 Street)

Maynard Road – has been closed since the 2014 Flood


Message from Brule Township Officials


Brule Township has flooded roads, some are impassable. Travel is not advised!


Message from Civil Bend Township Officials

Due to flooding and water runoff, we are requesting that the public use extreme caution when traveling Civil Bend Township roads. Please restrict travel to local use only.

Message from Virginia Township Officials


Due to flooding and water runoff, we are requesting that the public use extreme caution when traveling Virginia Township roads. Please restrict travel to local use only.



For South Dakota Interstate & Highway closures (use the zoom feature to get local detail)


Motorists are reminded that snowplows travel at 25-30 mph or less when plowing or placing salt/sand. Drivers need to stay alert for the slow-moving snowplows and stay a safe distance behind the plow. When conditions allow and it is safe to do so, snowplows will pull over periodically to let traffic pass. Please have patience and never pass a plow when visibility is poor. Remember, the snowplow is clearing the roadway and dispensing salt/sand in front of you so the best place to be is four to eight car lengths behind it.

The Union County Highway Department maintains county highways (which does not include the Interstate or State roads).  We do not have enough staff to have 24/7 winter snow/ice removal operations.




Instances have come to the attention of the Union County Highway Department of violations of South Dakota Codified Law 31-32-3.1, entitled INTENTIONAL DUMPING ON HIGHWAY RIGHT OF WAY PROHIBITED.  This statute applies to all public highways, all County Highways, and Township Roads.  The piling of snow on County Highways, or within the Right-of-Way thereof, causes a serious hazard to the traveling public and constitutes a Class 1 misdemeanor.  These piles of snow can cause serious injuries or fatalities if struck by a vehicle.  They also cost the County funds to remove or push back.  Because the piles of snow can become very solid, and at times contain debris, serious damage to County snow removal equipment can occur.

The County can recover the cost of equipment damage from the individual responsible for the snow piles, SDCL 31-32-9. In addition the person performing this misdemeanor also may be legally liable in the event of a vehicle accident.  Please remove or flatten any piles you may have placed on public highways, as well as refrain from piling snow in the future.



(to view the location of these roads – scroll down to Union County Highway System map)

2016 Union Co. Structure Map (36 x 56)

Click on the above map for the current postings on Union County bridges

 Click here to view the Union County Highway System map

Union County Highway Department

501 E. Pleasant St. Elk Point, SD, 57025

Phone: (605) 356-2351
Shop: (605) 356-3251
Fax: (605) 356-2348
Email: [email protected]

Winter Office Hours
November 4, 2018 – March 31, 2019

Monday – Friday (Excluding Holidays)

7:30A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

(Closed from 12 noon – 1:00 PM)

Office Staff
Highway Superintendent: Jerry Buum – [email protected]
Executive Secretary: Cristy Harkness- [email protected]
Administrative Assistant:  Jean Elkins[email protected]
Elk Point Crew
Bob Bradshaw
Larry Clark
Matt Dennison
Doug Irwin
Paul Limoges
Oliver Morris
Jeff Noteboom – Assistant Superintendent
Dale Steckelberg
Alcester Shop
110 Ofstad St. Alcester, SD  57001
Phone: (605) 934-2210
Fax: (605) 934-2209
Alcester Crew
Richard Beeler – Road Foreman
Josh Homandberg
Dale Jurrens
Derek Lykken
Robert O’Connell
Dalton Wangerin




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