September 17, 2019

Highway Department




10:25 AM       The Jefferson Bridge on CR#07 will remain closed.  While removing the tree, the water level raised and is now over the road.


R7 (478 Avenue) between State Hwy 50 & 321 Street is closed.


At approximately 8:00 AM the Jefferson Bridge (CR#07) will be closed.  There are trees lodged alongside the bridge, equipment will be removing the trees.  We anticipate that the road will be open when the trees have been removed.


7:00 AM CR#09 (481 Avenue) between 325 & 326 Streets is closed.




11:55 AM

The Jefferson Bridge (CR#07) is NOT closed at this time… signs have been stationed there, in the event that closure is necessary.


10:10 AM Update


CR#04 (River Road) & CR#1G (307 Street) intersection is now closed.


Reminder: It is illegal to drive around a barricade.


Portions of the following Union County Highways are closed due to flooding:


CR#04 (River Road) – CR#13 (302 Street) south to CR#14 (304 Street)

CR#12 (299 Street) – 484 Avenue east to SD Hwy #46

CR#13 (302 Street) – CR04 (River Road) east to the Hawarden Bridge

R1 (Henke Road) – south portion to SD Hwy #50


As well as roads that have continued to be closed since our Spring Flood.

Portion of CR#03 – 482 Avenue from SD Hwy #48 north to the junction of River Road

CR#04 River Road – Lower portion

CR#17 – 315 Street from Sargeant Road eat to 481 Avenue, then north to 314 Street

7/11/2019 @ 2:20 PM

CR#12 (299th Street) will be closed from CR#27 (481 Avenue) east to South Dakota Highway 46 (486 Avenue) for a structure replacement (64-151-020).

6/4/2019 @ 4:30 PM

For your safety… it is against the law to drive around a barricade!

The following roads remain closed due to flood waters over the road and flood damages to roads:

CR#03 (482 Avenue) – between the intersection of River Road, south to SD Highway 48 (313 Street)

CR#04 (River Road) – Stub portion, south of 307 Street

CR#09 (481 Avenue) – between 325 and 326 Streets Open with one single lane

CR#17 (315 Street) – from Sargeant Road east then north on 481 Avenue to 314 Street

Henke Road – Lower portion to SD Highway 50 – road is open; the area is signed for water over the road, the road is not barricaded


7 Ton per axle load restrictions remain on the following gravel roads:

CR#1G (304 Street) – between 481 Avenue and River Road

CR#14 (307 Street) – between 481 Avenue and River Road

CR#27 (481 Avenue) – between SD Highway 46 and CR#13 (302 Street)

Union County Highway Department

501 E. Pleasant Street

Elk Point, SD 57025-2159

Office Phone: (605) 356-2351

Shop Phone: (605) 356-3251

FAX: (605) 356-2348

Email: [email protected]

Summer Office Hours

March 31 – November 2, 2019

Monday – Thursday (Excluding Holidays)

6:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

(Closed from 12 noon – 1:00 P.M.)

Office Staff

Highway Superintendent: Jerry Buum – [email protected]

Executive Secretary: Cristy Harkness – [email protected]

Administrative Assistant: Jean Elkins – [email protected]


Elk Point Crew

Bob Bradshaw

Larry Clark

Matt Dennison

Doug Irwin

Paul Limoges

Oliver Morris

Jeff Noteboom – Assistant Superintendent

Dale Steckelberg


Alcester Shop

110 Ofstad Street

Alcester, SD 57001

Shop Phone: (605) 934-2210

Fax: (605) 934-2209

Alcester Crew

Richard Beeler – Road Foreman

Josh Homandberg

Dale Jurrens

Derek Lykken

Robert O’Connell

Dalton Wangerin

The links below are not completely functional at this time


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(use the zoom feature to view local detail)

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